My last column on the subject of ethics brought a heartfelt letter from the American Personal TRANFORMATION™ guru Wayne R. Foxx III.  So moved was I that I have taken the unusual step of publishing it in full.


My friend,

Reading your piece last week brought a tear to my eye – partly because someone else thought of ETHICABILITY™ before me, but mainly because you remind us all how vital it is to have a sense of one’s own moral centre.  In my Go Pump Yourself: Inflate the Inner Tube of Your Soul™ small group workshops (held in the Boeing 747 construction hangar for a maximum of 50,000 people – ring 1-800-PUMP-ME-UP to book a place) I remind people to live their lives according to strict codes of moral certainty, before inviting them to write large checks to my foundation.

Let me share with you a powerful personal experience I had recently.  My five year-old son looked up from the thesis he was writing (‘Harry Potter: Post-modern Satire or Subliminal Crowleyan Programming?’) and with a tear in his eye asked me: “Pop, why are there bad people in the world?”

My son,” I said to him, “There is a simple reason for that: I haven’t yet had time to TRANSFORM™ their lives.”  I began to reproach myself bitterly for watching the Superbowl when I could have been running a Teleclass for 1 million bad people around the world; but then with a flash of clarity I realised I could put everything right.  And so that night I wrote my latest bestselling book: Touch Someone’s Heart With Your Tongue: How to Spread the Word About Values.

Can anyone master the art of HEARTTOUCH™?  Sure you can.  You can do it right now, through the power of what I call THINKING ABOUT THINGS™.  What you need to do first is come up with a killer list of what I call COR!! VALUES™ (values that will make everyone around you shout: “Cor, look at the values on that!”).  Can’t think of any?  No worries, just try a simple visualisation exercise.

Consider the lilies of the field.  No, wait – I think one of my former clients already wrote that one.  Hey, let’s go one better and think about a tree.  People trample on lilies, but no one messes with a tree, right?  Do trees go around causing misery and failing to make the best of their lives?  The hell they do!  They stand solid against all negativity.  This is because they have what I call ROOTS™.  Their roots keep them upright and bring them nourishment – just like your COR!! VALUES™.  You can try this right now, through the power of behaviour modelling.  Feeling put upon at work?  Sure you are – we all are from time to time.  But if you were more like a tree, it’ll never happen.  Get your waste paper bin from under your desk, fill it with soil and stand in it.  Let your roots reach down for strength and nourishment. Feel good?  Wave your branches around a little, like a tree in the wind.  I guarantee the colleagues who used to hassle you will now give you plenty of space!

OK, now your ROOTS™ are showing, it’s time to take the major step that will TRANSFORM™ your life.  Take a blank sheet of paper.  Write in the centre of the paper the words “I AM A TREE AND I AM….”

Now take another piece of paper.  Put yourself in the centre.  Then round the edge write the names of everyone you’ve ever had any interaction with.  Then write in their phone numbers and email addresses – this symbolises your connectedness.  Then, to symbolise the abundance between you and them, write their bank details next to their names.  Then post it to me with a $50 admin fee.

What about the first piece of paper?  OK, time to complete that sentence.  Finish it with the words “….EASILY LED.”  Doesn’t it feel good to tell the truth?  It certainly helps me.  But now you’ve faced it, you can sign up for my 3-year e-learning program Go Lead Yourself: How to Stop Falling For ‘Change Your Life’ Programs.  Sure, I could just put it in a book and sell it you for ten dollars – but, hey, would you take that seriously?  The hell you would!  You know this is real quality, which is why I’m selling it to you a page at a time for only $250.  But that includes a free audio program worth at least $250, in which I read the book out loud to you.

I remember those memorable words Anthony Robbins once wrote me in a moving letter: “My lawyer will be in touch.”  Phil, think of me as you ATTORNEY-AT-VALUES™, keeping you compliant with the Universe.

Till next time,

Your friend,